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Live Match | Monday, 16 September 2019
7:15p Cleveland Browns 23-3 New York Jets
Live Match | Sunday, 15 September 2019
12:00p Dallas Cowboys 31-21 Washington Redskins
12:00p Los Angeles Chargers 10-13 Detroit Lions
12:00p Buffalo Bills 28-14 New York Giants
12:00p Jacksonville Jaguars 12-13 Houston Texans
12:00p Arizona Cardinals 17-23 Baltimore Ravens
12:00p San Francisco 49ers 41-17 Cincinnati Bengals
12:00p New England Patriots 43-0 Miami Dolphins
12:00p Indianapolis Colts 19-17 Tennessee Titans
12:00p Seattle Seahawks 28-26 Pittsburgh Steelers
12:00p Minnesota Vikings 16-21 Green Bay Packers
3:05p Kansas City Chiefs 28-10 Oakland Raiders
3:25p Chicago Bears 16-14 Denver Broncos
3:25p New Orleans Saints 9-27 Los Angeles Rams
7:20p Philadelphia Eagles 20-24 Atlanta Falcons
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